Dallas County 4-H Council


Dallas County Council Schedule:


*Council members should pay close attention to when they need to have the agenda for each meeting submitted. No exceptions!

May 1 – 7 pm *Officer elections

AGENDA DUE 4/26/17 to elizabeth.rudd@ag.tamu.edu

MINUTES DUE 5/8/17 to elizabeth.rudd@ag.tamu.edu

July 10 – 7 pm

AGENDA DUE 7/5/17 to elizabeth.rudd@ag.tamu.edu

MINUTES DUE 7/17/17 to elizabeth.rudd@ag.tamu.edu

September 11 – 7 pm

AGENDA DUE 9/6/17 to elizabeth.rudd@ag.tamu.edu

MINUTES DUE 9/18/17 to elizabeth.rudd@ag.tamu.edu

November 6 – 7 pm

AGENDA DUE 11/1/17 to elizabeth.rudd@ag.tamu.edu

MINUTES DUE 11/13/17 to elizabeth.rudd@ag.tamu.edu

Dallas County Council officers 2016-2017: 

President – Cruz Ontiveros

1st VP – Mckenzie Sandefer

2nd VP – Eamon Stack

3rd VP – Hanna Davis

Assistant VP – Jade New

Secretary – Jessica New

Treasurer – Katie Bird

Reporter – Amelia Curran

Parliamentarian – Rylie Campbell

Delegate – Lupe Ontiveros

Purpose: To provide an opportunity for youth to develop citizenship, leadership and life skill competencies by becoming involved in county, district, state, national and international activities.

County 4-H Council Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Identify training needs and provide training for youth

2. Provide leadership opportunities for youth

3. Plan County wide community service project or support “one day 4-H”

4. Support National 4-H Week

5. Assist in planning, promoting and implementing of programs and services for youth.

6. Plan and participate in community service activities

7. Study problems, activities and concerns of youth, especially issues

Council Delegates represent the interests of members: • From 4-H clubs to County 4-H Council • From County 4-H Council to District 4-H Council • On joint committees with County 4-H Leaders Association • On the County Youth Board

Council delegates gain knowledge and skills in: • Democratic parliamentary procedures. • Working cooperatively in groups. • Personal relations with others. • Representing the interests of others. • Solving problems. • Accepting responsibility. • Youth Volunteering their Services

Council delegates volunteer time and effort to: • Explain and promote the 4-H program. • Help raise funds to support program activities. • Conduct 4-H activities. • Help others.

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