2017-2018 Dallas County Entomology Contest

**County Entomology Contest has been cancelled. TBD Entomology Training**

This is not the District Exam being held at our County Office. The District Exam will be held on April 23rd at 6:30 pm. 

The Entomology I.D. Contest consists of two parts: (1) a written examination, and (2) insect identification.  The written examination may consist of true and false, multiple choice, matching and/or fill-in-the-blank questions.  Photos of insect specimens are used in the identification portion of the contest.  Specimens will be selected from the list in the study materials.  Members should be able to identify insect specimens (common name) and the order to which it belongs.  Additionally, competitors should be able to answer questions pertaining to metamorphosis, insect body parts, habitats, mouthparts, and other basic entomological concepts.

The Proctored exam will take place on March 31st at 11:00 am. Check in will begin at 10:30 am in the lobby of our Dallas County Extension Office. This is not a collection contest, please do not bring your insect friends to the exam!

Members per team. Each team will consist of at least 3, but no more than 4 members.  A team’s total score will consist of the scores from the top 3 individuals on the team.

Find study resources at the following link:



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