Master Wellness Volunteer Calendar

Report hours here:

• Master Wellness Volunteer Interns (serving their first year before they are full-fledged MWVs) are required to obtain 40 educational hours. This can include planning time, travel, etc. but does NOT include training. MWV interns do not need any training hours.
• Master Wellness Volunteers (those who have already completed their 40 hours and are full-fledged MWVs) need 10 educational hours. This can include planning time, travel, etc. but does NOT include training. They also need five training hours.
• All reports are due by midnight on the last day of the month in which they occurred. For example, if I teach a program on May 29th, I must have that report completed at by May 31st at midnight. If you have a program very close to the end of the month, keep in mind that it will need to be reported very promptly to make that deadline! Reporting immediately after a program concludes is always best practice.
• Please refrain from reporting any activity as “other.” If you have a question about what an activity should be classified as, please shoot me an email!
• Failure to show up for an event (no-call/no-show) or failure to cancel within 48 hours of the event, may result in a loss of hours.
• When the monthly summary is sent out for the previous month, please promptly send me any errors you see with your reports and I will make those changes.
• Please ensure I have sign-in sheets, and if applicable, completed evaluations for the programs you report. Those can be delivered, mailed, or sent via pdf (no photos please.) If I do not receive this information by the 10th day of the following month, I will be contacting you and your report may be deleted. If you need help obtaining sign-in sheets or evaluations to use for your programs, please let me know!

Only hours completed in Dallas County are eligible for Dallas County Master Wellness Volunteer credit. If interested in serving as a Master Wellness Volunteer in multiple counties, please follow these steps:

  • Complete your Intern year in your primary county.
  • Following your Intern year, contact Brittany Martin at and let them know you are interested in serving as a volunteer in an additional county.
  • Brittany Martin will contact the CEA in the county you are interested in for approval.
  • If approved, please note that you will need to complete all educational and training hour requirements in Dallas County, and will most likely to need meet all educational and training hour requirements in your new county as well.

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