Master Wellness Volunteer Polices

MWV General Policies

  • Master Wellness Volunteer Interns (serving their first year before they are full-fledged MWVs) are required to obtain 40 educational hours. This can include planning time, travel, etc. but does NOT include training. MWV interns do not need any training hours.
  • Master Wellness Volunteers (those who have already completed their 40 hours and are full-fledged MWVs) need 10 educational hours. This can include planning time, travel, etc. but does NOT include training. They also need 5 training hours. For information on what constitutes a training hour, please contact Liz Espie.
  • Programming and sites programming is conducted at must be approved by the County Extension Agent in advance. Programming the CEA is unaware of is not eligible for MWV credit.
  • Failure to show up for an event (no-call/no-show) or failure to cancel within 48 hours of the event, may result in a loss of hours. If your contact information changes, you must notify Liz Espie via email at immediately.

MWV Joint County Policies
Only hours completed in Dallas County are eligible for Dallas County Master Wellness Volunteer credit. If interested in serving as a Master Wellness Volunteer in multiple counties, please follow these steps:

  • Complete your Intern year in Dallas county.
  • Following your Intern year, contact Liz Espie at and let them know you are interested in serving as a volunteer in an additional county.
  • Liz Espie will contact the CEA in the county you are interested in for approval.
  • If approved, please note that you will need to complete all educational and training hour requirements in Dallas County, and will most likely to need meet all educational and training hour requirements in your new county as well.

MWV Training Opportunities

Please attend in-person training opportunities coordinated by the Master Wellness Volunteer program when possible. At least 3 hours of the 5 required must be of this type. Examples of these opportunities include Dallas FCS Committee Meetings, Master Wellness Volunteer trainings (current volunteers can attend trainings for new volunteers as a refresher) lunch and learn opportunities, conferences, etc. Information on these opportunities will be sent via email. 2 hours of the 5 required can be online (Food Handlers when needed or other Extension online course at

MWV Reporting Policies
•After presentation of program, please email Liz Espie, CEA-FCH, at to coordinate return of materials (including sign-in sheets, pre and post surveys). Please do not report hours until the return date is set or your report will be deleted. Please ensure I have sign-in sheets, and completed evaluations for the programs you report. Those can be delivered, mailed, or sent via pdf (no photos please.) If I do not receive this information by the 10th day of the following month, I will be contacting you and your report may be deleted. If you need help obtaining sign-in sheets or evaluations to use for your programs, please let me know!

All reports are due by midnight on the last day of the month in which they occurred. For example, if I teach a program on May 29th, I must have that report completed at by May 31st at midnight. If you have a program very close to the end of the month, keep in mind that you will need to coordinate your material return, then report very promptly to make that deadline!

• When the monthly summary is sent out for the previous month, please promptly send me any errors you see with your reports and I will make those changes.

Reporting Instructions

  • Report one form for EACH activity.
  • Report hours here:
  • Click the “Reporting” tab
  • Enter your first initial and last name. Please follow this format every time you report to ensure continuity.

Type of activity

  • Select “Educational Program” for programs where you are doing a majority of the education.
  • Select “Food Demonstration” when you have been brought in to a program strictly to present a recipe.
  • Select “Health Fair” if you are handing out materials at a booth during a health fair type event.
  • Select “Marketing or Promotion” if you are meeting with someone about the MWV program. This activity should be cleared with Liz Espie, CEA-FCH, in advance before you report.
  • Select “Planning Meeting” when attending a Dallas FCH Committee meeting.
  • Select “Program Preparation” for all activities related to preparing a program: reviewing material, picking up materials at the Extension Office, etc.
  • Select “Training” for activities related to educating YOU as a volunteer. Please contact Liz Espie, CEA-FCH, with questions about what qualifies as a training activity.
  • Please refrain from reporting any activity as “other.” If you have a question about what an activity should be classified as, please shoot me an email!
  • Select “Yes” for Better Living for Texans activity only if you are using a Better Living for Texans pre and post survey. This will almost always be a “no” answer.

Title, Summary, occurred, and location

  • Enter 3-5 sentences about the activity.
  • Enter the date the program was conducted. If you have multiple dates, please make multiple reports.
  • Provide both the location and address. (Example: Dallas County Extension Office, 6820 LBJ Freeway)
  • Enter the city
  • Enter the zip code

Demographic Information

  • When reporting a “Health Fair” activity or an activity at a school, only count those you actively engaged with at your booth. Do not count attendees of the event as a whole, as they may not have received any information from you. It is OK to make a reasonable guess about how many there were.
  • For “Educational Activity” and “Food Demonstration” please count only those who can be proven with a sign-in sheet. All attendees must sign-in.

Hours Spent and description

  • Please ensure you are rounding to the nearest quarter hour.
  • It is OK to leave the description blank as most of your material should be covered in the summary.
  • Ensure you click the arrow to submit and see the confirmation page.
  • To report another activity, close the tab and open the website again.

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