Share the Fun

The 2018 Dallas County Share the Fun contest will be held in March 2018. Look out for more information in fall 2017!

  • Contestants may enter 1 Share the Fun category from each column below.
  • Seniors may qualify in 1 category from each column below.
Choreographed Routine Celebrate 4-H
Dramedy Musical/Instrumental
Poetry/Prose Solo/Band Performance

Participation. Participants must be active 4-H members and be eligible to compete according to UIL rules.

Age. Age divisions are determined by a participant’s grade as of September 1 of the current 4-H year.  Age divisions for this contest are:

Junior grades 3, 4, 5
Intermediate  grades 6, 7, 8
Senior grades, 9, 10, 11, 12

District Advancement. Dallas county may enter an unlimited number of teams/individuals per age division listed above. The 1st and 2nd placed senior individuals/teams will advance to state.

Members per team.   1 – 9 participants of the same age division.  (Juniors may join an Intermediate team)   Senior entries are comprised of Senior-aged youth only.

Awards.  1st-3rd place will receive ribbons.

Participants with disabilities.  Any competitor who requires auxiliary aids or special accommodations must contact the Dallas Extension Office at least 2 weeks before the competition to request such needs.


Equipment. Participants are required to bring their own A/V equipment needed for the presentation. A screen/blank will will be provided for presentations.

Visit District 4 Website for more information.

See the Roundup guide for rules and descriptions.

Share the Fun Registration

This form registers you for this event.
  • Select whether you will be entering as an individual, or multiple 4-Hers as a group. Groups should only be entered by ONE person, ONE time.
  • Enter either an individual name for an individual contest, or between 2-9 names for a group contest. Insert ";" between each name.
  • Enter club or clubs 4-Her(s) belong to. Insert ";" between each club name.
  • Enter one email address for communication regarding the individual 4-Her or groups of 4-Hers to be sent to.
  • Select the age division the 4-Her(s) correspond to.
If you are looking for ideas for Share The Fun, check out some of these videos on YouTube for some creative and FUN performances!
Vegetable Orchestra (Group Performance/Band) —
Turkey Baster Serenade (Musical or Group Performance/Band) —
Percussion using various objects (Group Performance/Band) —
Basketball Dribbling Exhibition (choreographed routine) —
Jump Rope Routine (choreographed Routine) —
Singing/Beatboxing (Group Performance/Band) —
A capella vocal performance (all voices — no instruments!) I’ve seen this group in Branson! —
Looking for some ideas for Celebrate 4-H Skits? Here are a few ideas:
* Disney Characters Explore 4-H
* showcase your one day 4-H project and how SERVICE made an impact
* Use a current sit-com, movie, cartoon, soap opera or television show to play off of the story line! Keep it CURRENT!
* Use a current game show like “Deal or No Deal” to create a skit
* Use a popular children’s story and re-write the story to be 4-H related
* And the list could be endless!

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