4-H – Program for Youth

Contact Elver Pardo, 4-H and Youth Development Agent to discuss your interest in 4-H.  Below are the projects that fall under the ANR scope.

4-H Projects:

  • Livestock Projects – Contact to discuss a specific animal species you are interested in showing.

    • All major livestock entries must be signed by agent.
    • Entries fees are to be submitted to the agent by county deadline(s).
  • Veterinary Science

    • 4-H Project
      • “Do you love learning about and caring for animals? Learn more about animals, animal welfare, and how to become a veterinarian through 4-H club activities.
    • Veterinary Science Certificate Program
      • Then, if you are interested in becoming a veterinary assistant, you can go through a veterinary assistant preparatory training to prepare for a future career as a vet tech”.
  • Shooting Sports – Contact agent to discuss.

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