Agriculture & Natural Resources

Agriculture and Natural Resources




Texas A&M AgriLife Extension is an educational leader in strengthening the profitability of animal and plant production systems; protecting our rich natural resources and environment, ensuring an abundant and safe food supply, and preparing for and responding to economic and natural disasters.

AgriLife Extension teaches agricultural producers to adopt best management practices based on new scientific knowledge that will help them increase production, enhance sustainability, and conserve natural resources.

In agriculture, the AgriLife Extension delivers wide-ranging educational programs covering:

  • Livestock Protection and Management Soil Testing
  • Infectious Animal Disease Emerging and Invasive Pests Varietal Development and Selection
  • To help protect our environment, AgriLife Extension and our vast network of volunteers work in areas such as:
  • Pesticide Safety
  • Water Conservation and Drought Mitigation Land Stewardship
  • Water Well Testing Wildlife Management
  • Gardening and Landscaping


AgriLife Extension is committed to the health of our environment and ecosystems.

We are at the forefront in responding to emerging issues such as drought, wildfires, and insect and disease outbreaks. We promote sustainability in agricultural production and conduct conservation and stewardship programs that reduce drought impacts,  improve and preserve water quality, minimize wildfire risks, and help maximize water supplies through more efficient irrigation practices and urban water conservation.

AgriLife Extension is a leader in fostering adoption of improved practices in agricultural production, as well as sound stewardship of natural resources.


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