Dallas County Master County Master Gardener Association

Dallas County Master Gardener Association

Dallas County Master Gardener Association, Inc. is a non-profit, educational and volunteer service organization which is under the direction of and supports the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, and its Home Horticulture program.  Membership is open to people of all ages, regardless of socioeconomic level, race, color, sex, handicap or national origin who are either Certified Master Gardeners, Interns or Trainees. The program is designed to assist the Horticulture Agent in increasing the availability of horticultural information and horticultural projects throughout the county.  Our Association is a member of the Texas Master Gardener Association.  The Texas Master Gardener program is one of the most effective volunteer organizations in Texas and is the largest Master Gardener program in the nation.

The Dallas County Master Gardeners benefit Dallas County through approve Extension horticultural  educational programming, activities, community projects and shared expertise by significantly extending the outreach of Extension.

Dallas County Master Gardener Association Web Site: http://www.dallascountymastergardeners.org/








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