EFNEP Dallas County

What is EFNEP?

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is a federally funded program that provides nutrition education to families with children and youth with limited resources. For over 35 years, since 1968, the program has taught a series of 6 of more lessons on nutrition, food budgeting management/ consumerism, kitchen and food safety, food preparation, physical activity for healthier and more nutritious food choices. The program is free of charge to families with limited-resources.

EFNEP for Adults:

The adult component of the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program instructs adults charged with the care of children and families with children in a variety of neighborhood centers, community clinics, child care facilities, transition centers, schools, and churches, as well as, in private homes. Adults are taught by trained paraprofessionals working in the community. EFNEP paraprofessionals teach families to improve their knowledge and skills in nutrition which in turn improves health and well-being of their families.

Studies show that, for every $1 spent in implementing the program, between $2 to $17 are saved in health care for their clientele.

Classes for adults are generally one hour in length taught once weekly.

Paraprofessionals teach a minimum of 6 lessons and a maximum of 12, an average class will incorporate 8 nutrition lessons.

Classes are conducted in zip codes within central Dallas roughly inside loop 12.

English and Spanish classes are available.

EFNEP for Youth:

The youth Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program is available for youth-at-risk ages 9 to 19. This program is taught to youth through trained volunteers. Our staff provides training to volunteer leaders in churches, community centers, YMCA, Girls Inc., Boys and Girls Clubs, homes and schools. The program curriculum includes six lessons which focus on the basic food groups and the necessity of a healthy and well-balanced diet. Our lessons include various activities, as well as food demonstrations. We also place a strong emphasis on pre and post-test evaluations that provide a measurement of progress. Youth classes are conducted throughout inner city Dallas at community facilities.

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