2018 Dallas County Food Challenge

2018 Dallas County Food Challenge registration opens November 1, 2017.

Food Challenge will be held on December 2nd at the Dallas County Extension Office.  This year’s theme is yet to be announced! There is a registration fee of $10 per team due upon check-in the day of the contest (for AgriLife participants.) Participants must bring their OWN boxes.

To register,

  1. Complete and email Food Challenge Supply Box Certification Form and email to Brittany.Martin@ag.tamu.edu
  2. Sign and email Food Challenge Rules to Brittany.Martin@ag.tamu.edu

To prepare for contest, please review practice materials:

State Food Challenge Guide

Food Challenge Score Cards and Worksheets


8:00 am: Agents, Leaders, and Judges arrive

8:00 am: Food Challenge Teams check-in

8:10 am: Leader orientation, Judge orientation

8:40 am: Food Challenge Team Orientation

9:00 am: Food Challenge Begins

10:00 am: Judging begins

11:30 am: Approximate time for Awards Program

12:00 pm: Break for lunch (for Food Show participants)


*Parents, children, and guests must wait in the lobby. Guests may view Food Challenge exhibits after the awards program.


A maximum of four junior teams, four intermediate teams, and four senior teams may advance to the District level. District Contest Information: http://d44-h.tamu.edu/event/food-challenge/


More information can always be found at http://texas4-h.tamu.edu/projects/food-nutrition/

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